Call of Duty 2 administrator applications are open


Administrator applications for Call of Duty 2 are open as of now.

Applications can be sent through a personal message.

Application requirements

Personal information: Who are you? How would you describe yourself? Tell us something about yourself (e.g. name, age, location, hobbies, interests and personality). Please link these to your desired role.

Administrator related: Why do you want to become an admininistrator? Why should we choose you? What are your characteristics in your desired role? How would you describe your style of administration?

Game and server related: For how long have you been playing Call of Duty 2? How active are you on our servers? At what times are you usually online on our servers? Do you have experiences with other communities? Do you have experience as an administrator or any other relevant role?

You may choose to present this information in narrative form, or as direct answers to these questions. You have the freedom to add any relevant information not stated above.


Applications that have been sent will be reviewed. A succesful application will not directly enroll the applicant. The applicant will have to accept the Administrator Code of Conduct which will be sent. The applicant will enroll to a 30-day administrator trial during which administrator rights are activated. The trialist may be eligible for permanent administrator rights after the 30-day period or a second 30-day trial. Administrator rights may be revoked at any moment.

Internal applicants

Internal applicants are not required to adhere to the standard application procedure. Please contract through through a personal message for more information.