Dear Mr.Overzane

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Dear Mr.Overzane

Postby Dr.ZoidbergCLAW » 17 Aug 2016, 18:55

It is time you added some admins or at least get some old ones to do their 'tasks' because your server has become a get together place for all kinds of exploit and !@#$ users.
Daily I see these people connect to your server and abusing the hell out of people (examples IWSL,Red baron,Whatsup and many other,there were at least 3 maphackers in the game today...)
If your conviction says 'I don't want to put time in that anymore' maybe it's time you pulled the server instead of having a playground for cheaters and abusers?

2 cents
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Re: Dear Mr.Overzane

Postby New_Simone » 17 Aug 2016, 20:20

Hi Oz.

I'm Simone[IT], and some weeks ago I decided to stop using cheats. So I restarted to play clean, and I understood at once that the fair play is 100 times better and funnier than using !@#$%. But this fun always ends when the server gets full of cheaters, that, as I did in past, ruins others' gameplay and make the server unplayable.
I'm aware that I'm not the better person that can give advices in this field, but I talk to you with sincere spirit.

There are mainly to be undertaken in order to deal with this situation, as Zoid says:

1)Engage one or more admins. You will say: "the problem is not represented by cheaters, but by players who can crash the server". But players that are included in the last category are not more than 2 or 3. The others who cheat (Optimized, Whatsup, Yellow Claw, Hoster and many others) are not capable to do certain exploits. So with a simple ban you could get rid of them. Surely, better was if you could implement an Ip ban system, like in other servers like Simple and Ax: it could drammatically help in reducing the phenomenon, also in case of players that are able to evade the normal ban.

2)If you don't want anymore to spend a single minute in managing this server, please close it. It's better closed for all, than playable for few.
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Re: Dear Mr.Overzane

Postby Hoster » 26 Sep 2016, 00:52

Sorry Simone, but you are mistaken.

I have that exploit too (so-called Winject), but...
1) I dont ever use it to crash server;
2) it seems server already patched and Winject dont work, just causes lags

Moreever, same as you trying to play fair, but understang thats impossible...
I'm shure there is no such admins can help in this situation.
Its easy to change name, IP, Hash and so on.

Think there is only one way: distribute maphacks to ALL people on the server, or somthing like that.

Good Luck ;)

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