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Re: Hoster

Postby LL22 » 12 Nov 2014, 19:57

Sunndae, nice fight with Dary.

I learnt to pilot with also these videos but i'm not a pro again.

Alacard :
Ivo :
(many players called them, cheater)

So, yes there are 2-3 cheaters that we ban regularly.
But plz, stop accusing the good players clean because you contribute slowly to the end of this game.
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Re: Hoster

Postby Hoster » 13 Nov 2014, 14:33

DavidTerror wrote:It's sad to hear you were cheating and evading your ban, Hoster... I thought you were a good guy... :|

You really think good guys are gaming online day after day?
I'm sorry :(

Sunndae wrote:... Max 1 or 2 are cheating. And they also get banned (and re-banned) its no big deal to catch them ...

No problem, you think? Ok, Let it Be, As You Wish ;)
But how I and other cheaters spending years on this server, sometimes only changing name and hash (it's even no need to change IP!)?
And what other players think when they see the brasen cheaters like Ace or Whings?
Is it hard to find info about howto cheat and avoid ban?

Think guys, think stronger! ;)
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Re: Hoster

Postby Sunndae » 13 Nov 2014, 19:17

Just because cheats are easy to come by, it doesnt mean that many people lower themselves to that level. Its a matter of principle. Experienced players can easy identify cheaters. Im also constantly trying to lure them out, hence I know there aint that many. At least not on our server. Ive also seen you play.

What other players think, they think the same as the admins?. Its sad. Spoiling the fun for others because you fail in a fair game. Of course it is demotivating other players, but what would you suggest to do about it?. Legalise and advertise the use of third party software? :lol:

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