Battlefield 2 Play4Free

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Battlefield 2 Play4Free

Postby Stefano96 » 14 Jul 2015, 21:27

Ten years ago EA and DICE released the sequel of our beloved game, setting it in modern days.
Nine years later this game had the same fate of his predecessor after GameSpy shutdown, but a group of fans of the game worked on a fix, like s[sk] did for bf1942 but the results are really different.
The Revive BF project created a brand new system for multiplayer, not so much different from the recent Battlefield games ones, at the website, with pratically every feature the original game had: level system, different weapons for every kit and a stats page on the website for every player.
In the beginning the Revive project was based on a new launcher that connected players to the new servers, but at the end of june a full version of the game has been released and without patching anything you can just download, install and play it! (if you are luckier than me :P )
So why don't give it a try? It runs on almost every computer and the basic game includes Wake 2007 too!!! :D
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Battlefield 2 Play4Free

Postby Georgegat » 28 Apr 2016, 06:11

i heard battlefield 2142 sucked, but i got it anyway and its a nice game.

heruluingul: where did you get it? ??? ive been looking for one

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