New features on our Oz Call of Duty 2 servers


We’ve pimped up our Call of Duty 2 servers with the following features:

Oz Death Info

Players will receive details about lethal shots taken upon death.

Oz Grenade Limit

The maximum amount of grenades that are given upon spawn has been reduced to 1 (down from 3).

Oz Kill Info

Players will receive details about their own lethal shots that have been made.

Oz Respawn Delay

The respawn delay has been decreased to 5 seconds (from 10 seconds).

Oz Shellshock

Shellshock has been completely disabled.

Oz Spawn Protection

Players are invulnerable to incoming damage for 3,5 seconds upon spawning to prevent spawn kills. Performing an offensive action such as shooting will break this effect.


A new service that allows players to gain in-game benefits:

  • Ability to spawn with two primary weapons, including crossfaction weapons (see below).
  • Ability to play as Captain Price on Allies and a German Officer on Axis (see header).